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Tri - County Qualifiers

Congratulations to all of these fast swimmers! Already qualified for Tri-County in August!!

8 & Unders

Lily A - Breast                                            Luke T - Free, Fly                                        
Leah B - Back, Fly, Free Aidan L - Fly, Back
Addison L - Back, Breast Bobby D - Back
Ainsley Mc - Free, Fly, Back Jake L - Breast
Hunter K - Breast, Free
Skyler K - Free, Fly, Back
Joanna N - Free, Back, Fly
Jenna P - Free, Breast, Fly
Riley W - Fly

9 & 10s

Insia B - Breast, Fly                                   Michael C - Free, Back                              
Penny F - Back Kevin S - Free, Breast
Sienna G - Free, Back, Fly Keegan Mc - Fly
Chelsea C - Free, Fly Charlie F - Free, Back
Keira F - Back, Fly Jack H - Back
Carlyn Mc - Breast, Fr Willie P - Back
Sabrina S - Breast, Back Nathan S - Breast, Fly
Garret D - Fly

11 & 12s

April A - Breast, IM, Free                           Gavin D - Breast                                   
Maddie C - Back, Fly Nolan F - Free, Breast, IM
Lauren E - Back Braiden T - Back, IM, Fly
Alyssa L - Breast Vincent W - Fly, IM, Free
Abby S - Free, Fly, IM, Back Tommy P - Free

13 & 14s

Emma C - Free, Back, IM                         Bode C - Back
Avery F - Back, IM, Free Nolan J - Free, Breast, IM                        
Cara H - Breast, IM Free Colin Mc - Fly, IM, Free
Maria W - Fly, IM
Lindsey W - Fly, Free, IM
Abby P - Free

15 - 18s

Samantha A - Fly, IM                     Nathan J - Breast
Annie H - Back, Fly, Free Peyton W - Back, IM                      
Robin H - Free Luke S - Free, Fly, Breast, IM
Kyra S - Free, Breast, IM                          
Marissa H - Back
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